Monday, March 29, 2004

Because women who wear high heels vote!


NASCAR Dads vs. The high-heeled vote

The referenced article and another in this month's issue of Glamour discuss the large single female population that should be voting. Both point out that single women tend to be 'progressive' (re:
socialist/democratic) "anti-gun, pro-choice," etc...

Meaning they are perfect lackeys for the Democratic Party and John Kerry should appeal to them.

*long pause*

OK, now that I've picked myself up off the floor from laughing too hard, I do have something serious to say.

It's bull----.

There is a reason why single women gravitate to the Democratic party more than the Republican party and it has very little to do with personal philosophy or ideology. It has everything to do with protection.

Despite the ramblings of feminism, most women desire to be protected and cared for. God kind of ordained this in scripture you know. Women and men were made differently; that's why there are certian physical differences between men and women. Women have higher pitched voices and are smaller (not to say women are
helpless because firearms do even the scale quite a bit) and engender a sense of responsibility in a man to care for and protect them.

That's why we see problems with women in combat with men. The men, instead of focusing on killing the bad guys, focus their energy on protecting the women in their unit - possibly at the cost of the entire unit.

Back to the election and party politics...

Women since the creation have wanted to be protected, God made provisions for this - family and marriage. Was this status abused? Yes. No doubt. But, I think that is more to do with our sinful nature than it does with the idea of marriage itself. So, in
the last 75 years as women marry later or not at all, they are left without a protector. And this scares them.

Without fathers, brothers, or husbands in their lives, women are left to fend for themselves. Women in contemporary society are capable of caring for themselves. Yes. I'm not saying that women are dependent UPON men. Geez. Breathe... inhale.. exhale...

What I am saying is that since the family structure has been decimated by radical feminism and socialism, women have been left in a lurch and no one to fill in the gaps in their life. So, since you, young mom, have no grandparents for your baby, you leave your
child in state-sponsored day care and schools.

You, young woman, have made a choice to live your life without a stable relationship, you rely on state-sponsored insurance or retirement benefits.

You, woman of any age, believe that it's your right to choose... to kill the unborn baby, to have different sexual partners, to spend frivioulsly or whatever it may be. It isn't a right and I'm damn tired of cleaning up after you because I just happen to be responsible.

Single women may not really believe in what the Democratic Party sells, but it is the one place that says "We'll protect you..." and that's good enough for them. The Republicans or Libertarians saying "We'll teach you how to protect yourself" is too much
work for the Sex and the City wannabes floating around
out there.

As an aside, I'm going to try to find the study that The Nation, Glamour and other articles are citing. I want to read the research for myself. I doubt my opinion will change but I may have something more to say.