Thursday, March 18, 2004

In the "that's not accurate" category

NV, a local night club, hosted something that was supposed to resemble a Renaissance costume party.

But apparently mixing medieval, goth, and catholic school girl outfits all quailify as "renaissance." Hello? Historical accuracy anyone? Vinyl was not around in 13th century Europe - or anywhere! I know when I dolled myself up for the Ren Fair a couple of years ago, it wasn't completely true to the period but I sure looked more appropriate than the attendees of this party. I made a very cute little gypsy.

And this guy is not goth on any planet. He's not even retro cool.

Why I will never be goth?

1) Combat boots/Doc Martens/platform shoes/et al make your feet look big and drag the eye down the body and put all the weight at the bottom.

2) Black is ok.. sometimes. Color is much better.

3) Black lipstick was never ok. Ever. Neither is black nailpolish. Red is much much better.

4) I'm a conformist....

And is this couple going to perform a rendition of "Time Warp?" They remind me of Riff Raff and Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show.