Sunday, March 21, 2004

On being a lady

I will be occasionally posting on something I am working on. For almost 28 years, I have bought into the lies that feminism has spoon-fed women. Women and men are the same; you can have it all at the same time; you don't need to take care of a home; you can do it all by yourself and etc...

Part of this is a general commentary on society - there is no grace, no civility or manners anymore. People want to stand out by being more outrageous and offensive (think Christina Aguleria and her song about how she is upset that people think she's a ho because she likes sex and men can get away with it. Well, if you ask me - both of y'all are ho's - the guy and the girl. And it's sad that it's acceptable behavior).

I digress. So, I am learning.. attempting to re-train my behavior, my thoughts, my speech, my dress - the whole shebang. I want to be more lady-like. You can never go wrong with good manners or being well-dressed. These are qualities neither my mom or nana taught me due to the generations of dysfunctionality in their families.

In the And God Made Woman class I've taken through church, we learn that we are not prisoners to the past, that we are daughters of the King. Given such, it is time I start acting appropriately. This doesn't mean that I will be behaving like Her Royal Highness, the Empress Kitty. But it does mean having grace, dignity, self-respect, humility, confidence, and searching for the same in others.

God thinks that I am special enough to send His son to die for me. Why can't I see my self in that way? Why do I have such trouble seeing the same in others?

What do I hope to achieve by telling you about it? For the women who read this blog: that you are more than what society has defined for you. It is a good thing to recapture our femininity. The Proverbs 31 woman is something to work on through out the seasons of your life.

For men: there are women out here that do not want to tear you down, belittle you, and emasculate you. Be the man that would be attracted to a Proverbs 31 woman. If you want her to speak well of you at the city gates, you have to behave in that manner. Remember Ephesians 5 - love the women in your life as Christ loves the church.

Both men and women choose to love and choose to respect. Neither are automatically earned. They take effort and sacrifice.