Friday, November 19, 2004

Come ON Now.....

You can't tell me this doesn't have racist undertones. All it needs is a "yes massa" line in it.

Buck teeth? Over-developed lips and mouth? I remember seeing those in early cartoons from the '30's and 40's that would NEVER be on TV now because they are stereotypes.

Pat Oliphant produced a similiar cartoon a few days ago. If we were to put up Carolyn Mosely Brown or that socialist from Georgia who told Guliani to take the Saudi money for 9/11 in similar positions, can you hear the NAACP screaming at the top of their lungs? Holy spinning heads, Batman.. there would be lawsuits so fast, the lawyers would be dizzy.

But since it's a Republican, Condi Rice, it's ok. *rolls her eyes*