Monday, November 22, 2004

Instructionally Challenged

At work, we are trying to create a more positive atmosphere.. remove some of our negativity and anger. Instead of calling people stupid, idiots, oblivious, or any number of other things, we have decided that they are, generally, instructionally challenged.

In working with someone on an application, I went through it step by step.. in a 30 minute phone call on Friday... 30 minutes of my very valuable time... and left one detail out because it shows up on the table on page 3.

Conversation today:

PK: You need to fill out the last required fields.
Student: Where? I don't see anything.
PK: Do you see anything in RED on page 3.
Student: Yes. Language ability.
PK: Go to page 2 and fill that out.
Student: When we spoke on Friday, you didn't say anything about that.
PK: Well, I'm sorry. Go fill it out now.

What PK thinks but does not say

I'm sorry for assuming that you could READ. I'm sorry that you are delusional enough to think you are ready for graduate school. I'm sorry thinking that you might be bright enough to figure out the application on your own like the other 600 people who apply for each Fall.