Thursday, November 18, 2004

New Seasons

Inspired by Nate's comment "Is it metrosexual season?", I thought about "what other seasons are we forgetting beyond just Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and end of season sales.
  • Orange "Flower" season: predominant in Tennessee in early spring when orange and white road cones and barrels pop up along side the highway. Known to last for years without any attention.
  • Milk, bread, and eggs season: The threat of inclement weather sends Nashvillians to Kroger in droves for milk, bread, and eggs. Gives weather people the opportunity to scare the crap out of ordinary people who can't drive under normal conditions and are wrecks waiting to happen with ice on the ground. My question: if you are going to be snowed in, why don't you buy something good? This season baffles Yankees.
  • Football season: Get out your Titans and UT gear! It's August and time for some football! Hopefully lasts until January.