Monday, November 22, 2004

Reality TV or something that should air on Lifetime?

Mark Burnett, the unofficial god of Reality TV who gave us Survivor (and thus spake Burnett "It was good.. sorry about Marquesas, Thailand and Vanuatu...") has come up with a show where we get to follow around people who abduct kids from their non-custodial parents and take them back to their custodial parents.

I think Lifetime has a movie on this every other week... now it's a reality show.

Mark, I think you need a vacation. This season of Survivor SUCKS! And I mean CAPITAL S- SUCKS!!!! It's horrible! Nasty! Vile! I HATE IT! And I hate that you decided to cast uber-femi-nazi-lesbian Ami "it's all about girl-power. No alliance of women has ever finished to take out all the men. We want to be the first to do that..." who's running the whole stupid show and no one is willing to vote her off. They are so stupid they deserve to lose! The Professor and I discussed this last night: we refuse to watch the rest of the season because it is so bad. The story arcs are weak, the constants are even weaker. I never ever thought there would b be a season as bad as Survivor: Thailand. I was wrong.

If there were ever another All-Stars season, no one from this group deserves to be on there. Except Brady. Brady is hot.

I don't know if I will watch this latest installment from Burnett. The Apprentice is dull (I can only stand so much of Trump); Survivor is... beyond words and now as show that looks much like America's Most Wanted which I stopped watching years ago...

I'm taking Nate's advice and reading a book. - Foxlife - Fox Features - Kidnap TV: Rescue or Re-Abduction?