Thursday, November 04, 2004

Not impressed

There is a rumor going around that Miss O'Hara and Blake think their kitties are cuter than Her Royal Highness, the Empress - Kitty.

Note: a photo of Otto von Furgenstein is not available at this time. We hope one will be available for comparison soon.

Please. We of the court and other loyal human subjects are not impressed. We like the charming Mr. Remington and are sure of the noble linage of Otto, but...

They are not the Empress.

All shall love me and despair...

Yes, now that the election is over, we have moved on to other equally useless things to do.


Apparently there is a full-fledged campaign underway at Miss O'Hara's. The Empress's campaign slogan is..

Purring again in America.

She will be developing a platform soon.. between naps.