Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Linky Things

It's been a while since I posted some linky things, so here you go:

Rabbi Boteach takes Hollywood down a peg.. or 5.
having mounted the greatest mobilization of celebrity against a candidate in American history, our celebrities discovered the pathetic truth that most Americans treat them as nothing more than actors.
Roger Abramson tells Democrats to play nice with Republicans and watch their language. Not all on the right are stupid hicks just as not all on the left are Bible-burnin' gay folk.

A really really cool NASA picture.

Need a greeting card? Try these out.

I had forgotten that it was LILEKS who brought us the grooviest motel on the plan.. er.. Wisconsin (I remember seeing it on way back when). Purpinkle is a new word. Love it. Maybe I should be the Purpinkle Kitty? Nah.... Well, here's the rest of his Institute of Offical Cheer. Bookmark it for later, trust me.

What would Friday be without a little Cat Blogging?

That cute, innocent face hides the fact that she is really the Empress and a killer of poor little mice for amusement.