Thursday, November 18, 2004

Caption Contest time!

My brain has shrivled up to a raisin thanks to repeated questions of information that is obvious on our website but asking people to read it all on their own would require them to work.

So, I couldn't think of anything really amusing or safe for work to post here.

The rules:

The captions MUST be safe-for-work reading. No four-letter words.


To answer Elena's question about why the picture was up for so long without the rest of the post was that there was a problem with Blogger. The Empress was very unhappy. But now that it's working, all is right with the world.

And the winner is......

"Hey, I see a rich capitalist! Go get'm, comrades!"
Ivan Lenin

*polite applause from The Court* And you win this lovely antique Burger King crown to wear for the day.

Honorable Mentions

"Omigosh, did YOU get YOUR scarf at TJ Maxx??? I did too!!!!!!!!"

Look! It's the President! And he's stealing the election again!

Hillary Clinton teasingly threatens to end Ken Jennings' winning streak on "Jeoparady!" Mrs. Clinton will be appearing with Jennings as a part of "Unholy Powers" Week on the syndicated game show December 2.
Miss O'Hara


They were all hysterical! Loved them! Hope y'all enjoyed them. Thanks so much for playing a new caption contest will be coming soon!