Monday, May 02, 2005

Bad movies

Do you have a list of movies that you know at the end of your life you want to ask God for a refund on that time because you were duped into thinking it might be funny? (Not like you can.. but hey.. that was supposed to be a joke people not theology.)

I'm talking the movies that are so bad that MST3K couldn't make them watchable?

They are not your guilty pleasure movies (I have one but I can't remember the name of it. I will have to look when I get home. Blade may fall into the category - the original. 2 and 3.. eh. They are alright. Guilty pleasure movies aren't necessarily bad movies... they are the movies you don't exactly admit you like.)

They are not in the category of being so bad that they couldn't become some kind of odd cult hit (like Showgirls. I've yet to figure out how that's become a cult hit. It's un-watchable.)

My list includes: The Master of Disguise, Existo, The Cell, and everything I saw in Experimental Shorts at the Nashville Film Festival. 20 minutes of random lines going across the screen isn't art.... it's a test pattern.

This list is by the folks at GQ. And there are some stinkers on the list. Article language not safe for work... well, it's no worse than some of the language at Nate/Vox's comments so Elena you may want to check it out later.

Question for you: What is the absolute worst movie you have ever seen and why?