Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Not Michelle's Week Either - Woof

Nate brought the tasering incident to my attention yesterday. WND linked to a story about the woman's conviction.

In praise of the police, Michelle Malkin reminds us of the sacrifices of police officers - who also have families and stuff. OK. First: it is willing. No one made them be police officers just in the same the Armed Forces are voluntary. Second: no group should be put on a pedestal like that - to the point that they are almost untouchable. When there is no accountability, abuse runs rampant. Police, fire fighters, armed forces should be held to a higher standard and tighter scruitiny. There should be a general respect for them because they are humans, you know - not just because they wear a badge. Doesn't that skirt the line of idolatry if we are to pay homage to the badge. We may not be sacrificing bulls to it but it's respect for an inantimate object.

But Malkin completely glosses over the tasering incident, almost dismissing it as trivial and a non-issue. They pulled the woman over for speeding. She refused to sign the ticket, as she had done before. She said she would take the ticket but not sign it. They attempted to pull her out of her car and when she wouldn't exit the vehicle, they hit her with a taser 3 times!!!! That is 150,000 volts! Praise God that her baby survived.

That is an abuse of power, Michelle. And it does need to be discussed. If signing the ticket isn't required in Seattle, then the woman should have been let go and on her way. There was NO reason for the cops to take a nose dive into the world of Gestapo behavior over a speeding ticket.

The rationale for using the taser is that it protects the cops and that it was her fault because she didn't sign the traffic ticket... or exit the vehicle when "requested".

I agree with Nate's commentary and Res's assessment last week. Me-so Michelle is just another Republican lap dog. Will she tell us more about another Mommy's Day Tea instead of responding to criticism of her article? I am surprised that Michelle didn't chastise the woman for using the word "fetus" in her interview. "It's not a fetus! It's a baby!" Well, the woman carried the baby/fetus to term and has a little girl. So, let's move on.

Michelle should take a vacation for a while and stop writing... or maybe WND should drop her column.