Sunday, May 08, 2005

BlogNashville Wrap Up

I had dinner with the incredibly nice and very intelligent LaShawn Barber and some other bloggers - hopefully she will have the picture posted and their names because I don't know who they are. It was great. Fabulous food at Midtown Cafe... more money than I planned to spend but hey... how often does one get to sit across the table from one of the blogosphere's biggest names and talk politics, religion, and blog traffic.

So who I didn't get to meet:
  • Evil Glenn - but I did see him. He had way too many blog-groupies around him and I'm not all about that. He looks like a professor... really. I expected him to say "PK, where is your paper?" He did seem to be a good guy though.
  • Chris Muir of the Day by Day Cartoon. I did see him with Cox and Forkum at lunch. We were like "ohhhh... the cartoonists have flocked together. There's trouble brewing." Chris is very handsome.
  • Oliver Willis didn't show. Perhaps he had other plans. One of the guys at dinner said that Oliver isn't as irrational in person as he is on his blog.... mm-hmm.
All in all, it was a well-spent Saturday. I learned quite a bit and had a great time hanging out with other bloggers. And as I said time and time again when brows were quirked as I gave my blog's name: "I make no apologies for naming my blog Pink Kitty or talking about shoes and belly dancing. It is what it is." I may not change the world with my blog but I'm not out to.

My guess is that people come here to get something amusing for their day.. and belly dance pictures. Just as there are many different sections of a newspaper, there is room in the blogosphere for journalists and funny pages.