Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It came from ebay.....

*dramatic music*

That's a segment on a TechTV show about the odd things found on ebay. So, after a little search, here are some unique "gems":
  • Something for the goth kid you know: Transylvanian dirt
  • A purple rock. Do you see Jesus in it? Contentants on Survivor may well want to stay away from it as the purple rock could get you booted off the island (season 4).
  • Need a date, ladies? Well, see this guy... he's trying to be James Bond but somehow.. it just doesn't work. I guess he's more Roger Moore than Sean Connery or even Pierce Brosnon. Or Toggy with "a stagnant future" - his words. Not mine... though I tend to agree.
  • Hair cutting fetish? There are videos just for you.
  • Lawyers and politicians - this auction is for you. Did you sell your soul to a lobbyist? Get a new one and start all over again!
Not to mention the various folks selling advertising space on their head, their eyes (via contact lenses), or their family... and the one girl begging for college money.

Again... proof positive... people will buy anything.