Friday, May 06, 2005

Need a job?

A school that shall remain nameless (no it isn't Vanderbilt) is currently looking for a Men's Violence Prevention Coordinator.

Silly me... I thought "Hey! They want to hire someone to stem the tide of vitriolic hatred of men on campus!"

*PK is having a blond moment this morning....*

And then I kept reading....
The function of this position is to create an environmental approach to preventing violence by focusing prevention efforts on men on the Big State School campus and by promoting the central concept of men taking responsibility with other men to end violence....

Excellent public speaking skills and the ability to facilitate group discussions on significant issues. Must have ability to serve as a mentor to men who wish to work in this area and strong team building skills. Must be able to develop sound philosophical base regarding how men work as allies to women in ending violence against women. Must be able to work with diverse groups of people.
"Men work as allies to women in ending violence against women."

Just let that sink in.

As opposed to the contemporary wacked out femisist notion that men are the scourge of the earth and that if all men were gone, the world would be a better place? Guy, just rush on in there to hear lectures about how to control your temper when your girl goes insane.

But don't you dare touch her!

She can hit you but the second you even look at her wrong, your rear will be sitting in the Dean's Office or jail with a complaint against you.

Be sure to apologize for having a penis. It is the penis's fault you know. If it weren't so threatening to the sensibilities of delicate women (like those women up at Harvard who flipped out because Pres. Summers dared to say there was a difference between men and women as a reason why women aren't more present in the hard sciences).... I'm bothered just thinking about it.

Attend your local Take Back the Night parade and V-Day... we can't talk about the penis but you can attend a play and listen to women wax poetic about their vagina for 2 hours.

PK is being absurd.. but the whole job is absurd. Some school has too much money on its hands and needs to expand the Student Affairs Office. Yes, domestic violence is wrong but let's work on ending violent behavior in both directions.