Sunday, May 15, 2005

Spy on your neighbor...

Report them to the state....
Win big prizes from Big Brother! Whoo-hoo!

Be a good citizen! Turn that driver in for littering.

The report on News Channel 5 credited Senator Diane Black with the legislation but the bill I found was entered by Senator Charolette Burks. Regardless, somebody down there sponsored legislation that would encourage drivers to turn in people to TDOT if they are seen littering on the highways of Tennessee.

You don't get anything, good citizen of the State, for turning in your other drivers but the offender gets a letter from TDOT telling them to stop it.
Kim Jong Il (sounding like Cartman's Vietnamese prostitute impression): And what will you do Hans Blix if I don't turn over my nuclear weapons?

Hans Blix: We will send you a very strongly worded letter expressing our disappointment.
OK - awful paraphrase from Team America (out on DVD Tuesday!) but close enough.