Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's used, therefore it's a bargain

So the train of thought goes. One of those magazine-like shows (Dateline or something) had a segment on things you should never buy used. Not having seen the show, I have no idea what they came up with. One of my former co-workers told me about this show that ran on public access in Knoxville where some local guys sold stuff like on QVC. One time it was an old wooden washtub. Another was a box of random items pulled out of someone's bathroom cabinet: hairbrush, open box of tampons, and some other sundry items. The EWWW factor followed right after I stopped laughing. According to my buddy, the guys were bothered by the fact no one was calling in on the great deal for the gently used bathroom products.

As a public service, here is PK's list of things you should never buy used:

Socks and underwear
Christmas trees
Dental Floss
An opened jar of sweet midget pickles

What other things should one not buy used?