Saturday, May 07, 2005

Scratches to the BlogNashville Post

I just got home from the Welcome Party planned by the very-wonderful Mr. Roboto of Thursday Night Fever.

And like a high school year book, I need a place for the "It was fabulous to meet you!" comments. And really.. it was fabulous to meet lots of these folks. There were many others but here are the folks I definately talked to:
  • The She Said What girls - who are very cool. They were on my list of folks I *had* to meet.
  • Tom and Red of Scared Monkeys - great, fantastic guys.
  • Jon of Crap and Drivel who told me that the feminists at Tennessee Guerilla Women were out to get me. Well... unlike alot of liberal feminists, I fully believe in the right to keep and bear arms. *wicked grin* Just need time to reload if they come in a bunch.
  • Cole of Christian Dissent
  • John Cox and Allen Forkum!
  • Bruce Barry of The Scene's Pith in the Wind
  • Chris of My Quiet Life and his fun girlfriend, Amanda. I am continuing the recruiting efforts for Nashville belly dance events... and she's up for it.
Paul told me that he ran into my former advisor at Belmont.... and Dr. Hall very much remembers me. I graduated 8 years ago. "Apparently you made quite the impression on him."

Well, yeah. Is that any surprise? Dr. Hall had me in class during my insane years. Talking to me now is like talking to a new person. I see Dr. Hall about once a year. He's still one of the brightest and coolest people I know.

It's off to bed for me and an attempt to get up in time for the registration and Evil Glenn's welcome remarks (who I saw but didn't get to meet... tomorrow er.. today. I saw LaShawn Barber too.. hope to meet her too on behalf of Miss O'Hara).

See y'all in the 'morrow!