Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More Scenes from Nashville

At lunch, I heard the gentleman at the next table attempting to impress his lady companion. I guess instead of tales of heroism, knowledge of great works of literature and philosophy, or musical ability.... such high brow talk might cause her head to explode.

Oh no... our gallant gentleman impresses his date by talking about the great deal he got at Best Buy on his digital camera and docking station. He also talks about himself for 45 straight minutes. I think the only thing I heard her say was to the server "I'm still hungry. I would like an order of buffalo feathers."

Rough approximation of the gentleman's conversation: "I'm great. I'm fabulous. I make lots of money and the company pays my travel expenses. I am working on this multi-million dollar contract. Me me me... I I I."

Then the bill came. And he starts complaining about the fact that it doubled from the first time the server brought it. Duh... you ordered 2 more drinks and the buffalo feathers after you got the first bill. "It went from $24 to almost $48!" Yes, that's alot for lunch but you are the pair drinking cocktails.

He went on and on until lady companion offers to pay for the buffalo feathers. Yeah.