Monday, May 23, 2005

Who pays?

Candy Girl has a post on May 20th (permalink isn't working properly) responding to other discussions on who should pay for the first date... all of which were started by this Gawker post.
[Excerpt from email] When the BILL(S) came she sobered up fast. I caught a glimpse of hers, 5 drinks plus a little finger food $319.00 I think it was. She looked shocked and sick to her stomache when she saw 2 bills. Guess she thought I was buying. Think again. (The old me woulda soaked up the bill but steared her away from the Blue) I had 4 drinks, no food and a great buzz. Pricey Stoli,but overall still a good value (i ate a ton of free macadamias and almonds) $36.00. D*mn I thought, that BLUE label will get you every time. Of course she did more than the traditional fumble through her purse. Her face was beat red and she was speechless. She left the bill on the table and excused herself for the restroom.
Whether or not the story is true, it does pose an interesting question. I've always offered and came prepared to pay for my share of a meal on a date. I order inexpensive items from the menu (i.e. a pasta dish as opposed to a steak). It's a first date, not an exploratory dig into his finances. I felt bad when this one guy opened his wallet and there were at least 5 credit cards in there. He thumbed for a moment to find one and then paid. Yes, I did offer.

But to another first date - and only date - story. Meet guy at movie theater. Get to ticket window, I offer to buy my movie ticket. He insists. "Are you sure? I don't mind." Guy throws hissy fit. "I will pay for it! It is my blah blah blah.." man is supposed to pay... The poor girl at the counter looked like she'd just been hit with a truck. I look at her and hold up 2 fingers. "He's paying."

AND THEN... after the movie, we were chatting in the parking lot, Guy has the nerve to ask me to take fliers to campus to promote his new tech support business or whatever. Guy does not call for 2nd date... PK does not email/call to encourage 2nd date. And PK is glad to not hear from him again.