Thursday, September 30, 2004

Analysis of the debate

The only thing I have to say is that Joe Lockheart (of the Kerry campaign) said that if 2000 was about the sigh, 2004 will be about the President's smirk. He better be careful, I saw Kerry smirking a lot too.

Overall: I think I would have preferred it if CSI were on... dull dull and more dull. The company that I watched it with was great. If I hadn't been hanging with fine folks like Miss O'Hara, Blake, RickP, and others... well, I would have found something else to watch a long time ago.

Next time, I want to create a list of key words for a drinking game. Shots every time we hear things like "resolve" or "I've only had one stance on the war in Iraq." Shots could be vodka, whiskey, espresso, or double buck.. take your pick. :) I think it will make the end result much more entertaining.

We will be back same Kitty-time, same Kitty-channel for the remainder of the debates. Hope y'all can join us!