Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Moonbats on parade

I like a good conspiracy theory. My brother and I would sit around and cook them up for fun. It stretches the imagination and sometimes makes sense of things that otherwise are... incomprehensible (like the USDA Food Pyramid or that the gay marriage hub bub is because wedding planners and divorce lawyers need more business).

But thanks to another Alliance member, I have become aware of Blog War 2004. Apparently, an Aussie with the blog The Samwise Polemic has some questions as to the validity of the terrorist attacks. He's not denying that Nick Berg, Paul Johnson and others are dead. He's wondering if the killers are really Middle Eastern terrorists.

In a statement of reason in an otherwise sea of swirling insults, epithets, and curses, Sandor at the Zoo counters the arguments that the beheadings are the work of the CIA and other tin foil theories.

The position of the Empress's Court is that there are terrorists who are abducting people from the streets in Iraq and holding them hostage in an effort to impact policy. It isn't just America they are targeting. The Italians, the Koreans, the Bulgarians, and the French have also been targeted and they are ending up just a dead. The French women abducted were aid workers... not contractors or military personnel. And it wasn't about getting the French out of Iraq - the terrorists demanded that Muslim girls be allowed to wear a hijab to school. It isn't about getting the US out of Iraq. If we left, it would continue. They would just switch demands.

Mosques on every corner. Calls to prayer over your cell phone become mandatory. Forget wearing your Manolos, girls - you can't see them under a burqa. No reason to spend the money. Wait - you won't have access to money because it will be in your closest male relatives account. I think Margaret Atwood picked the wrong religion to make fun of in "The Handmaid's Tale." Sounds more and more like an Islamist state to me. (I know - the general theme was to point out extreme fundamentalism.)

There is evil in the world today. To say other wise is to be delusional. You cannot negotiate with evil. It/they don't want to negotiate. They want your complete and total surrender.