Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Being intellectual and stuff

As Elena can attest to: I love books. I don't often read them but I love them anyway. There are books everywhere in my house. In whatever new place I move into, one room will be dedicated as a study/library/office so all of my books have a home on a shelf and not in a box.

So, that goes without saying I love amazon.com. I've been shopping there since it opened in 1997. I like to read the guides other readers put together in the "so you'd like to..." feature. MrSherlockHolmes put together several lists based on Adler's list in "How to read a book" (one which I have and have yet to get around to....)

On list 1, he recommends purchasing a Bible:
Of course this spot (#1) would have to go to the Word of God, or the Bible. I recommend the King James Version 1611. There are so many versions out in the market today, and the funny thing is many of them are copyrighted. It baffles me how men can copyright the Word of God. Stick with the KJV.
I don't think publishers like Zondervan (home of the NIV) copyright the Bible to try to put God in a box or say they know something He doesn't. It is about the work that went into translating the Bible from its original languages.

After a certain number of years, a copyright can move into public domain if an extension is not filed for. The copyright for Mickey Mouse would have expired long ago if Disney did not keep extending it.

The King James Version is all well and good, but like reading Shakespeare.. I don't want it in front of me all the time.

Amazon.com: So You'd Like to... read the greatest Western books of all time (Part 1 of 5)