Saturday, September 18, 2004

I'm Home I'm Home I'm Home!

I know my loyal subjects have missed the Empress. She has returned from caring for the far reaches of her empire (Williamsburg, VA) and her love of classical liberalism restored (lectures on Jefferson and Henry will do that).

The Empress is well rested and slow to unpack.. we will do that Sunday after laying out in the sun to even up the car tan.

The Real Empress Kitty is well, having been cared for by Elena and Bama Girl. She's not hungry, nor starved for attention. She purred her welcome back to me... and then walked off. She left a present for the other girls too... a dead mouse she brought inside just before I left. Elena, if you haven't blogged about this in my absence, you are falling down on the job.

It wasn't dead when I left. I tried to catch it (supressing all of my girly nature to jump up on a chair and scream) but it darted under the sofa and wouldn't come out. Kitty found it again after I was gone.

More details to follow. I missed everyone and am glad to be home.