Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Good thing I'm a Sig

WorldNetDaily: Chirac: Time for global tax

Because I'm going to start shooting. I need the practice. Baby blue caps better watch out.

The ever-intelligent Mr. Chirac suggested that there be a global tax on individual firearm purchases to end poverty. Somehow, I think there would be a bit of an uprising in the US if that would happen. Despite Dean's assertion that we have to get away from God and guns (race and gays also listed) in the South.. that just will not happen. If it does, it's because we elected some boneheads to office who really don't agree with our personal politics but we voted for them anyway.

It is yet another attempt to hurt the US economically.

And ElCorridor had this to say in the comments section of fark.com:
What kind of teeth would that tax agency have? If I didn't pay, what would they do?

Send me a strongly-worded letter?

Fart in my general direction?

Now, go away with all of your UN k-nnnnniiggets, or I shall taunt you a second time-a!