Friday, September 24, 2004

Media Bias and Philosophy

TheTedChronicles suggested that I expand my mind and read

I did.

Here’s what I found…

4 lead stories that read like something I saw in a book on the history of the Communist movement. Workers taking over the factories, government involvement in the economy, and the word “womyn.”

Indymedia’s coverage of the RNC protest did NOT cover the physical assault of the counter-protesters (video available here and here). What it said of the Protest Warriors:

They were "provoking members of APOC anti-imperialist contingent in arguments, inciting violence. Police have stepped in, trying to keep them in check."

Yet the accounts I read of those in attendance were that the PW’s were attacked first – both verbally and physically for just trying to participate. Since you or I were not in New York City, we really won’t know which side is completely in the right (pardon the word choice).

Reading through the comments on the forum, I found names of authors such as “smash the right” and “socialist.” And you are implying this is a independent, un-biased news source? And Dan Rather is a good journalist.

The only item of note I found on their site was an audio interview with a Protest Warrior who was probably caught off guard and not prepared to do interviews. Therefore, the man came off sounding like a backwater hick.

Not having the time and not being a regular reader of the site, did indymedia cover the attack of Episcopal priests – who were behind the roped off area – by the anti-abortion crowd? Did they support the woman who was physically dragged from a John Kerry event? They had plenty of compliments for those that snuck into the RNC.

For examples of real media bias, why don’t you visit the Media Research Center? I had a blog entry about them just a few days ago. Don’t even try to claim that mainstream media, CNN, and MSNBC are open-minded news sources. I find it incredibly amusing that the left has a hissy fit about 1 channel (Fox) but says nothing about the others… oh… that would be because they agree with the others.

See this keen statement:

“I’m a big supporter of President Clinton. And if there wasn’t such a thing as the Constitution, I’d vote for him a third time.”
— Former NBC News reporter Star Jones, now a co-host of ABC’s The View, at a June 21 party promoting Bill Clinton’s book, as quoted in the June 22 USA Today.

That Constitution… it’s just something in the way.