Thursday, September 30, 2004

Scratches Recieved. Scratches Given.

From Samwise:

Thanks for the preening you've given me and for the kitty litter you left behind
on my blog.

It is reassuring to find people that can rationally debate an issue.
You and Sandor have my respect for that.

But to clarify, I don't believe that we should all share the same opinions - what a boring world that would be! Nor am I fruitcake that enjoys wearing aluminium foil hats. I just enjoy raising issues and using the grey matter for what it was intended ... thought. I never claim to be right all the time, even though it is an undeniable gift of Scorpios to be correct!

To Samwise:

Kitty litter? No, I'm sorry - I'm a clean kitty. You don't like what I have to say (as stated in the comments on your blog) and that's fine. I don't expect everyone to agree. But I wasn't about to let the statements about the draft bill go un-challenged.

But what I think bothered several of your readers on this topic was the qualifier at the top of your blog "Don't shoot the messenger." That gives you the freedom to say anything but accept no responsibility for your words. When you don't like how a discussion is going, you can say "But I'm only telling you what I read!"

If you are going to put something out there for everyone to read - stand behind it. And if you are proven wrong (as several alert readers to this blog have told the Empress), suck it up and say your are wrong. Or take your kitty toys and go home and stay in a little bubble. I have admitted mistakes a few times. Crow is not a tasty dish let me tell you.

If CBS had done the latter (though they should have checked the validity first) with memo-gate, it might not have been such a big issue.

Also, a great many on both sides 'shoot first, never ask questions.' I've seen a good number of left-leaning blogs that call the right just as many names as say... those at the Emperor Misha's (love the frothing puppy insult generator.. source of alot of amusement). I've hurled a great many of them here. Raise the questions, think for yourself but be prepared for passionate, disjointed and on occasion intellectual responses.


The Empress of all she surveys (which is currently the corner of her office)