Monday, September 20, 2004

If only...

Dear MoveOn member:

If only 538 more Floridians had voted for Al Gore in 2000, we wouldn't be in Iraq. 130,000 of our brave men and women would be safer, deployed elsewhere. 37,000 reservists would still be here at home.

Together, we can change our country's course on November 2nd, but only if every one of us votes.

Shockingly, when we checked public voter files in a couple of key states, up to 30% of MoveOn members were not yet registered to vote -- even though almost all of us think we are. Luckily, there's a simple solution to this problem: Register. Yes, you. Right now. Even if you're already registered, it's better to play it safe than be sorry on November 2nd.
Even if you are already registered, register again! We want you on the books twice. Is this Boss Tweed country? Sounds more like the Mob than a political organization...

Not like 9/11 or Sadaam had anything to do with us going into Iraq. Just GWB - he was bored and decided to start a war. They would be deployed elsewhere.. ? Just where is that? Germany? France? They could use another good butt-kicking. But if Gore was in office, he wouldn't have had to deploy them anywhere.

He would have closed the bases and left them unemployed. He would have also destroyed the economies of those towns dependant on military bases.

President Bush has pulled out all the stops in registering likely Republican voters, even going as far as asking churches to turn their membership directories over to his campaign. We only have a few more days to catch up.

Too often, people show up at their polling place on election day only to find out that they're not actually registered to vote. By then, it's too late. Don't let that happen to you.

And I think a fair number of churches said "no" as it would violate their non-profit status or something. And in Tennessee, it is almost too late to register. You have to register 30 prior to the election. God help us if a (possible liberal fantasy) of instant registration happens.

We know this election will be incredibly close. The numbers from the 2000 election tell the story:

Official Bush margin in Florida
537 votes
Gore margin in New Mexico
365 votes
Margin of victory in IA, NH, OR and WI
Fewer than 8,000 votes in each
Eligible 18-24 year olds who didn't vote
15.2 million
Total eligible voters who didn't vote
56.8 million

Bringing enough new voters to the polls will win this election for John Kerry.

*sigh* Translation, we are going to load the un-washed and un-educated masses into a van and rip into GWB on the way to the polls and talk about the great John Kerry.