Wednesday, September 22, 2004

If you love me, you'll hit me

This story relates that an Iranian woman went to court to ask that her husband only beat her once a week as opposed to every day.

*scratches her head*

To the court's credit, they found him guilty and told him to stop beating her. His reply:

"If I do not beat her, she will not be scared enough to obey me," the husband said.

Alright, I admit it: I don't get the logic. Maybe it's because I live in the heathen West and have been indoctrinated with feminist propaganda that says it's not alright for me to be beaten by my husband - or anyone else for that matter.

[PC-whine] But I don't understand the culture.. I'm not being sensitive to the ideas of Islamists that are different from my own Western and Judeo-Christian values that are just as valid. [end whine]

Maybe I don't see being scared as a way of life or a way to obey my future husband. I would hope that he would see physical abuse as abhorrant and contrary to the way God wants us to conduct relationships, particularly in marriage.

Ultimately, it's just sad that, particularly in Islamic cultures, men feel threatened by women that they have to resort to physical abuse and repressive legal structures to keep them in check.

Some would say that I'm picking and choosing my sources or singling out parts of the Koran that support my position when the same can be said of Christianity. True, there are abusive men in Christianity who would twist Scripture to their own purpose but their message is completely opposite to the message of Jesus Christ. However, recent studies have shown evangelical Christian men are less likely to be abusive than nominal Christians or non-Christians (though after an hour of searching I cannot find the article that I read on it *grumble*). I've yet to see any information that leads me to believe that Islam shares a similar message of peace, joy, and hope.

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