Monday, September 27, 2004

Who to unleash the Empress’s wrath upon?


I know – they are just doing a job so I try not to be terribly rude to them on the phone. How do I feel when I get some jerk on the phone at work chewing my rear end out because he can’t get in to this school and he feels entitled and that we owe him something for the wrongs of the world?? Honestly….

But, here’s the newest one I’ve heard – a fake voice mail that you think is a wrong number. I was checking messages at my dad’s store and had one that said something like:
“Hi Angela. It’s Michelle. I just dropped Frank off at the airport and he wanted me to tell you about those stocks you asked about. Let me get the paper – hold on. ::rustle rustle:: They are [some letters] and [some more letters]. Oh and this one [even more random letters]. He said they were good buys and will help you get started in the market. Call [some dumb phone number] for more information. Talk to you soon!”
What the….? I guess I wasn’t that angry, just bemused. Wouldn’t that be a fun job? Reading the same script over and over and over. What do they do if they get a real person on the other end? They can’t ask for Angela because it’s likely that it isn’t Angela on the other end.
“Hi this is Michelle. Frank wanted me to tell you…”
“But I don’t know anyone named Frank.”
“That’s ok – Frank is my boss and he wants people to know about this amazing…”
“But, how do I know your boss isn’t a flake and has something I want to hear.”
“Ma’am, that’s what I’m trying to tell you. We have an amazing opportunity to…”
“To take my money. Is that it?”
“Well, uh… you can buy these stocks in an IPO for a new company…”
“Crook! Cheat! Swindler!”

::Empress Kitty wakes up:: Oh pooh.
This is why caller ID is one of the greatest inventions ever.