Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What Women Want

Again, the left claims to speak for all women:
“You and Olympia Snowe, the other Senator from Maine, are known as moderate Republican women. You have no place in this convention. The platform does not seem to speak to a lot of women in this country. It’s anti-abortion, it does not expand stem cell research, on other social issues in which women have some interest, for example, gay unions, is formally opposed to that. Do you think that this platform and this party is doing enough to reach out to moderate women across the country?”
– NBC’s Tom Brokaw to Senator Susan Collins on his 4pm EDT MSNBC show Brokaw in New York, August 31.
Mr. Brokaw, could you be a little more negative? I think something is missing - like Republicans want to joing Evil Glenn in blending puppies or something.

We all know that the left speaks for all women - because since we have ovaries we are absolutely incapable of making up our own freaking minds and determining that:
  1. Abortion is murder. Research has shown that women who have abortions are at increased risks for cervical cancer. They also do not tell the women about the emotional/psychological consequences of post-abortion trauma.
  2. What women care about stem cell research and why? I think I missed the big press release that this was central to the female side of the planet.
  3. The best estimates put the gay population at 10% but statisticians agree that's over-inflated and that the real number is somewhere between 2% and 5%. That means, possibly, 1% of women could marry their lesbian lovers. Perhaps what he means is that women should be open to their husbands leaving them for their gay lovers.
The rest of the quotes on this page are excellent. Bias? What bias?

And my black pants aren't covered in cat hair! Thanks Kitty.

OK - one more:
“We wonder in this day and age if a 47-year-old married father of two who realizes he is gay could make such an announcement without being forced to leave political office. And we wonder also, will the day come, ever, when he could?”
– CNN’s Miles O’Brien on August 12, filling in as anchor of NewsNight with Aaron Brown.
Leave it to CNN to muddle the issue. The fact that Gov. McGreevy of New Jersey is gay isn't why he is leaving office. It could be that:
  1. He hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law and mailed the tape to his own sister to supress any questions about his fundraising. He pled guilty to that and 17 other federal crimes.
  2. He funnelled state money into his own pocket and that of friends and family. He also took the state helicopters out almost 300 times - some for personal reasons.
  3. Currently under investigation for improper fund raising. Former staffers are also under investigation. They didn't decide to act on their own, you know.
  4. Abuses of power carried out through the Attorney General's Office. (And they want to accuse GWB of the same thing without pointing this out? Pot calling kettle - line 2).
  5. Hiring his gay lover when it was against the law. Not because he was gay but because he was a foreign national in a senstive US security post. So when he couldn't get the homeland security gig, McGreevey basically hired him as a consultant to do nothing for $110,000. Now THAT'S a good job. And the guy never even showed up for work. Yeesh.
  6. Raising taxes, raising spending, lowering bond rating.
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