Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A=purple hippos

WorldNetDaily: Lesbian scene nixed because Bush president?

The logician Sharon Stone concluded that because GWB is President that she couldn't kiss Halle Berry. And that's why the movie is doing poorly.

No, it's doing poorly because, as hot as Halle is, Catwoman is not a character that could carry a whole movie. And the movie was more about putting Halle in skimpy outfits with diamond studded claws (and open toe boots - ick) than you know.. a story.

There aren't any laws that prevent her from kissing Halle. It's just bad taste.

And there have been plenty of on-screen lesbian action for those into it.. and I'm sure Sharon could get her some if she really wanted.

There was Madonna's threesome with Christina and Britney. All of the Rock-n-Roll fashion shows. The L-word on HBO. I'm sure it was on Sex and the City (also on HBO). Probably every porn flick made that isn't centered on gay guys. Angelina Jolie kisses everybody I think.

My question: did Halle want to kiss Sharon?

And my other comment - the whole lipstick lesbian thing is so played out. Madonna does it: it's shocking and everyone freaks out. I saw it on Style's coverage of the Rock-n-Roll fashion tour and it was lame. Not shocking. Just blah...

I'm so jaded.