Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I knew there was a reason to avoid Kroger

Other than the long lines, poor service, and questionable pricing.

The guy who owns it is bank-rolling Puff Daddy's get out the vote campaign. Ron Burkle is a big Democratic donor who also supported Michael Jackson. Mr. Burkle must be trying to distance himself.. or to ingratiate himself with the hip hop scene. He's also the dollars behind the nationwide Sean John boutiques on the way this fall....


FOXNews.com - Foxlife - Fox411 - Puff Daddy: Behind the Politics

Moving on... am I the only one who's never heard of a priviledge walk? Perhaps it is because I've only gone to school with other priviledged kids it wouldn't be too beneficial...

The premise is that all the kids start in a line and the are divided by color and again by gender. Questions are asked and eventually some cute fit white boy wins the whole thing. The white students are supposed to see how their color/gender has helped them while the minority students tend to resent the whole exercise.

In my class called "Racial, Ethnic, and Social Diversity in Higher Education" or "Why white, straight people suck" or "Indoctrination to Leftist theology 101," we did a similar exercise regarding homosexuality. The professor asked questions and I realized very quickly what was going on. I refused to participate and stood in the middle. Another classmate (also a Christian) joined me in the mini-protest. We were the only two left in the starting positions. Everyone else had moved to the left at varying levels.

Then the question of do you support gay marriage came up. He and I took huge steps to the right (notice the symbolism.. left is yes; right is no) - much to the chagrin of our professor and classmates.