Thursday, August 26, 2004

Attacks on our Freedom

Today's dumb-butt quote from Rep. Corinne Brown, D-Fla -

To insure a fairer election, [she] called for "verification from the world."

We should let those bastions of free elections Iran, Zimbabwe, and Russia monitor our elections. Would that satisfy the Honorable Representative?
(There are no elections in the first 2 countries; Putin has taken to jailing his opponents in the last election in Russia).

Or just plain stupid

"Kerry, the man, has a lot more respect for the Constitution than President Bush does," said talk show icon Phil Donahue. "I believe Kerry the man is not going to strut and allow hubris to move him and allow him to engage in a unilateral military action in a war that is underfunded, underequipped, undermanned, unconstitutional, unaffordable and unwinnable."

The fact that 30 other nations were in the Coalition of the Willing and that Kerry voted to send troops but then said "no" to the appropriate funding completely escapes his dizzying intellect.

Remember: for foreign policy actions, we need to ask France first.