Sunday, August 01, 2004

Reviving a hobby

Last night, Elena, Duke Diva, and I went to a local Middle Eastern restaurant for a hafla. Or as the flyer on the door said - belly dance party!

I started belly dancing several years ago through some really good at-home instruction tapes. It's only been in the last couple of years that there are teachers in the Nashville area that would make it easy for me to get to their class. I can't drive to Clarksville for a lesson every week... sorry. Just too far.. but now they are closer into town and definately on my list for replacement activities when the estate stuff settles down.

We all jumped up and danced during one of the group things and had a ball!

And if the Empress had her way (and I doubt that many men would object - only the gay ones), all women would learn how to belly dance. Royal decree - belly dancing lessons! I think that is a much better use of taxpayer money than on cow farts, the speed of ketchup on a downhill slope, or paying Congress.

Alot of the teachers get into the whole 'every woman is a goddess' schtick. Pffft... It's much simplier than that. It's a ton of fun and very very sexy.

The original purpose of the dance was not a connection with Mother Earth or a serpent goddess. Coming out of ancient fertility rites, it was about preparing the abdominal muscles for childbirth and attracting a man to have the need to use the abbdominal muscles for childbirth.

Do you think alot of the feminist establishment would be upset at me for saying that?