Wednesday, August 25, 2004

It's so hard to balance planning a suicide bombing and getting your kids to daycare

So this new online 'Jihad' magazine for women will help women plan their day accordingly. Perhaps a sample schedule is as follows:

7am: morning prayers
7:30: breakfast
8:30: kids to school (run by local insane Mullah who believes that this is still the 9th century)
9:00: Women's sewing circle - stiching new green Hezbollah banners.
12:00: Mid-day prayers
12:30: Lunch
2:30: pick kids up from school to take them to terrorist training camp run by Al-Qaida. "Theya re so bright - they are on scholarship!"
4:30: Early evening prayers
5:30: Start dinner in time for terror-cell leader husband to get home. He will be picking the kids up from camp.
6:30: More prayers then dinner.
7:30: Review of lessons such as the Holocaust never happened, the Jews are evil, America is the Great Satan, Osama bin Laden is a hero, and 9/11 was the best thing to happen to America.
9:00: Kids go to bed. Husband fusses that you left the house today without a male escort.
10:00: Bedtime.

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