Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It hurts... Oh geez, it hurts!

From the "guestbook" at Communists for Kerry... they said it in their response but I wanted to say it here too.. because it bears repeating:

commenter Hi said:

john kerry is a capitalist.
john kerry has made his fortune from the capitalist system.

Empress Kitty says:

John Kerry is a gold digger and married into his money. He was homeless when he was between wives. His wife is a gold digger who married into her money. Her now-deceased husband earned his money in our free market by making ketchup and other fine products that we used. Her now-deceased husband was a Republican who is probably spinning in his grave to see his hard-earned money going to down the toilet.

You should the pictures of Communists for Kerry's recent revolution... Che is quite the handsome one.

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