Monday, August 23, 2004

Flirting with the other side

It's obvious based on comments here that both the Empress and Elena have been quite taken with the handsome Che. Rumor has it secret communiques have been passed between the Revolutionary leader and the member of the Empress' Court. The sleep-deprived koala knows all.

First, Che better not be getting any ideas that the Empress is like Evita and will burst into song on balconies in Buenos Aires. Nor is she like Tsarina Alexandra who was bedecked with her jewels underneath her clothes and "re-educated" right into a grave by Comrade Lenin's gang in 1918.

Che and the Revolutionaries from Communists for Kerry are welcome here because we of the Court are very amused by their tatics. If the Royal Treasury wasn't so depleated from.. um.. er... state expenses (pay no attention to those new stilletos), we would trek ourselves right on up to New York for the next gathering.

As it is, we cannot and will be participating in the counter-demonstration this weekend in Nashvegas with the Protest Warriors. Down with John Kerry!

We recommend a visit to their site to read the account of: The Revolution Strikes Back

Edited to add: We don't want to leave any of the other handsome revolutionaries out either. Lenin looks very good in his suit.. he is the best dressed of the group. Wait.. how did he come up with the funds for such an outfit??? Is he stealing from the Politburo? The Court is sure his speeches are excellent. Kommander Djin and his education cube... it takes some skill to solve that puzzle. We are not a fan of Castro - the beard.. the Elian Gonzalez thing. We do have to draw the line somewhere...