Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Not that guys would be that interested...

In taking this quiz.

Ted: Food & Wine Connoisseur

It's funny - Ted is my favorite on the show.

or maybe this entry should be titled:

Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-decorate

Miss O'Hara writes that all men should be forced to watch Queer Eye so they can learn some sophistication and how to properly treat a woman. I'm not sure I agree with that.

While I love Queer Eye, the premise of it (and most make-over shows) is that the subject is a complete idiot until the team gets there and imparts their wisdom. Same is true for my other favorite make-over show "What not to wear". A few episodes of that and you will see fashion violations - EVERYWHERE.. even in your own closet.

Why are these shows so popular?

1) The car wreck syndrome. You can't help but look and see "there is someone out there in worse shape than me!" Catherine Seipp writes:

You can see in their homes how so many people become prisoners of their own inertia (not to mention surrounding mess) and need help to realize the possibility of a more comfortable life.

2) I think that is related to the nesting phenomenon of a few years ago - young professionals were staying home, entertaining at home more, and focusing more on their new families.

I love going out with my friends, but I love entertaining them in my home even more. There's no pressure to leave a place of business because you haven't ordered a drink or food in an hour though the conversation is still going strong.

Also, I think there is a sub-conscious yearning for more sophistication and appreciation for the finer things in life. Not going back to the days of stuffy parlors, but where it is ok to get dressed up for no real reason. It's ok to know which fork to use and how to hold your knife. It's ok to cook at home (either from scratch or semi-homemade where you cheat a little using some store-bought products to move it along.)

And to have some knowledge of what wines might match a particular dish. You don't have to be a sommelier in training, but if there are a couple of different kinds you like, keep them in your home. Don't forget, you can match beer to food - just like wine. And lots of people appreciate a good cocktail - martinis, sidecars, etc...

Beyond food, redecorating doesn't have to be a $100,000 project - as Trading Spaces has shown the American public. First, clean out your stuff! It's just stuff! Be merciless. Have you touched it in the last year? Re-organize your space. Just because the TV has always been in that spot doesn't mean that you can't free up some room by moving it to the other side.

That old dresser could be re-purposed to be an entertainment center, hiding your (er.. my) massive collection of DVD's and CD's. Style doesn't have to cost a fortune. Class has little to do with money - though they are often both associated with the upper crust. Thanks to places like Target which carry top-brand designers at bargain prices, it doesn't have to require a second mortgage.

Does it really hurt to say please and thank you? Really.... Moisturizer isn’t required but what about washing your face and your hands?

Back to the topic that started this off: the TV show. A plus of the Queer Eye that even my brother liked was that in the end, the subjects felt better about themselves. It was a boost of confidence and a much-needed change.

A purr to: miss_o_hara