Thursday, August 19, 2004

Evil, Nasty, Snarling Beasts

Alright, now I'm genuinely pissed about something. I've been mad before but there aren't too many things that make me want to grab a pitchfork and a torch. Well, potential income taxes aside....

Vox and Nate are right.

Most women are evil, horrible, self-absorbed creatures that should be beaten with a stick. They are out to destroy whatever shred of masculinity the man they are with might have left. Yes, I've grasped this well-documented fact before and in a previous version of myself. I was one. Now I'm only a little self-absorbed... :)

I don't think I should reveal the details of the conversation for all the world to see. Here's what I will tell you: girl in question is not an American. She was born in Colombia and emigrated to the US when she was little with her parents. So, the beast can and does cross cultures... or overtake original culture.

Girl is also too attached to her parents. "That's the way my dad did it. That's the way you are going to do it." Perhaps girl should read what Solomon had to say on the woman's influence in the home.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.