Thursday, August 05, 2004

Empress Kitty's Social Policy

The Empress' Social Services bureau has already announced tax-payer funded belly dance lessons for all women.. in a continuing effort to better society, we would like to announce our...

Universal Hair Care initiative

Elements of this plan include:
- mandatory use of separate shampoo, conditioner and other hair products such as hair spray, gel and wax.
- body wash and loofahs will be provided.
- we will attempt to stop all pro-terrorist soaps from entering the country.
- John Edwards and John Kerry’s use of product will be limited so that the rest of the state of Ohio will have access to hair care.
- height of hair will be limited so that people can see around it.
- frizzy, well-fried hair will be stopped! Leave in conditioner stations will be placed throughout the country. Size of a dime.. leave in for 5 minutes and shiny, soft, touchable hair is restored.
- perms will be outlawed.
- and crimping irons.

We hope this effort will make the country a better place.

We also hope that this little satire points out the idiocy of much of the social policy in the US (i.e. government funded health care, gun control, seat belts, emissions testing, etc..).