Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Empress is happy!

Lots of hotness on the new season of Survivor. John K. is a total wimp. Can you see it now? Pre-jury boot.

With former a Marine/FBI agent and a Drill Sergeant? Alpha males abound on this season. Finally, maybe.. just maybe we won't have an under-the-radar winner that rides the coat tails of more powerful/in your face players. The last really scheming winner of Survivor was... Richard Hatch. Tina was good but hid behind Colby. Ethan won because he was agained Mama Kim who no one liked. Vee.. well, let's just pretend Marquesas never happened. Pff.

And the same with Thailand. Brian was Hatch-lite. So that brings us to the Amazon where boobies, chocolate, and magic 8-balls ruled. How did Jenna win? Boobies. Like Kim, she was paired against someone no one else liked and almost won 7-0. Pearl Islands? Sandra was under-the-radar and flipped flopped as much as John Kerry. Her vote went with whomever promised her 3 more days.

Survivor All-Stars? All the original over-the-top people played it down.. and in a moment of extreme bone-headedness, Lex voted off his own teammate as opposed to Amber. Amber hid behind Rob. And the only reason she managed to advance is because Rob was a challenge hog.

I like Travis "Bubba" Smith - from Blountville. NRA member; former wrestler. Sounds like we put Johnny Fairplay and Frank from Africa in a blender.

Lisa Keiffer is a born-again Christian with 6 children! So is Dolly Neely (your cute girl next door type who happens to be a shephardess) and Rory. I think this is the most professing Christians the show has had at one time. That will be interesting to see how much their faith influences their game play.

Moving from gay men in previous seasons: Ami is a lesbian and works in a coffee shop. Scout is also a lesbian - former university professor, rancher and cancer survivor. Sexual preference aside, anyone who can make it through cancer treatment has my respect.

Chris Crittenden is an amputee, due to a cancer. He is a full time Dad.

Kudos to the casting team. I like this group of people. While Rupert is not there, there can only be one Rupert.

Edited to add: Don't worry. This blog will not be all-Survivor, all-the-time as in seasons past. The Professor and I will just have our regular phone conversations where he raves about navels and I say "Oh wow.. he's so much better looking with facial hair. mmm..." Then we will actually talk about game play. Loyal readers will be sparred unless something REALLY good happens (like the Johnny Fairplay fake death of grandma thing). That was very blog-worthy. Just note - the local channel's Survivor prize pack is mine. I was robbed last season.