Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Where have we heard THAT before?

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith

Translation: I moved here to be famous but can only perform on songwriters night that I have to pay to be on the bill. I really wanted to be the next Shania but toil in obscurity instead. So, I re-packaged myself as an Ani DeFranco wanna-be. I have an opinion and everything!

is taking a more personal approach in her opposition to the administration of her fellow native Texan:

Translation: Just so you know, NOW said that all politics is personal. Even when it doesn't affect me like saving wombats in Tasmania. It's a personal issue. And I'm for anybody but Bush.. because that's what MoveOn said.

''I've made a conscious decision in my life...

Translation: I thought about it for a minute or two.

that if Kerry does not win in November, I'm leaving this country in January,''

PK's note: And you'll go where? Will you pull a bait and switch like that Baldwin guy?

Griffith said. ''It hasn't been an easy decision to make, because I love my country. But I think that if we have another four years of George W. Bush, we won't have a democracy.''

Translation: I'm trying to get my name in the paper because I'm playing at The Bluebird soon.

PK's note: Ms. Griffith apparently doesn't know anything about civics becase our government is NOT a democracy. It is a republic, based on representative government. We elect representatives. No soup for you!

For the record, I've never heard of this person. The Tennessean must have been scraping to find people to interview for this article for fear of a Dixie Chicks like backlash.

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