Monday, August 09, 2004


I think that is the more appropriate question. This evening as I was flipping through the channels, I saw the video for the song "Why" by Jadakiss. What prompted me to stay was the anti-war protest going on behind him (and seeing a very white old man in the crowd of young black people pretending that this is 1968 and they are all a part of the Black Panther Party. Sore thumb anybody?)

I've linked all the lyrics below but since the entire song is not-safe-for-work, I've pulled few highlights out for your reading pleasure:

Why is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt
If you weren’t knocking back $1500 bottles of Cristal every night, you might not be in debt. Overall, it’s a solid complaint about the music industry but with outlets like, if he was REALLY all about the music, he could produce it independently and sell it independent of a label. But, Jadakiss isn’t about being an independent artist. It’s all about the bling-bling and the benjamins, right? It isn’t about the music for you?

Why they gon give you life for a murder
Uh…. Because you killed someone? And while there are people who occasionally deserve it (Jeff Dhamer, the Hussein boys), if it doesn’t have a state sanction, it’s not legal. Only the state and abortion providers have the authority to kill.

Why did Bush knock down the towers
Ohhhh… you saw Fahrenheit 9/11 didn’t you? Michael Moore the co-writer on this song? Let me refresh your memory of the events of that fateful day since are so wrapped up in moon-bat beliefs to remember it all by your lonesome. Terrorists, following the orders of radical clerics, came into the US – starting in the Clinton administration. They trained and worked, and attacked the towers in 1993. Clinton could have caught Osama bin Laden (the man bank-rolling and leading Al Qaida) a couple of different times but chose not to. He chose to get ---- in the Oval Office closet by an intern. I digress. So, that day, these terrorists from the Middle East ATTACKED us. George Bush, until that point, hadn’t done squat with the Middle East and hadn’t done squat with his administration to that point period.

See, it was terrorists who flew into the towers and the Pentagon. It was terrorists who destroyed them and killed 4,000 people. Not Bush. The City of New York decided that the rubble was too much of a hazard and demolished what was left.

Why nig**z can't get no jobs
With grammar like that? That would be why you can’t get ‘no job.’ English, for the time being, is still the predominant language in most of the US. It is helpful for communication with potential employers and in the marketplace to purchase products.

Why they let the Terminator win the election
Because Gray Davis was completely incompetent, subject to a recall and lost? Because Arnold had the money to campaign successfully? Because not all of California is that liberal and Hollywood is only a small part of the entire state?

JADAKISS (f/ Anthony Hamilton) LYRICS - Why