Friday, August 20, 2004

Todays "Duh...." study

While the results can be very beneficial to marriages, the conculsion seems like.. well.. common sense.

"The ones who stayed happily married were likely to handle conflict constructively," said study author Mari L. Clements, an assistant professor of clinical psychology at the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif.

"Even in the midst of a difficult issue in their relationship, they were likely to treat each other with respect," Clements said. "They were likely to listen to each other."

Those headed for divorce were more likely to make negative comments about the relationship or the partner, she found. And this pattern was evident before the marriage ever took place.

ANY relationship is more likely to last if people can handle conflict constructively. I think some of this was mentioned in the verses Erik and I cited yesterday. This isn't exactly a new discovery. Who wants to be around quarrelsome people or those that will constantly put you down?

It is a reminder for me to pay attention to how and what I say but...

I would like to thank either the government or some foundation that funded this for helping to point out the totally obvious. It was money well spent.

Yahoo! News - 'We're Done' Can be Predicted Before 'I Do'