Sunday, August 15, 2004

Memorable events of the day

Empress Kitty, Elena, and Duke Diva had a yard/estate sale today. We worked almost 24 hours straight getting it set up and running the thing. Y'all should have been there - it was insane.

We found a jar of Sweet Midgets... tiny and hard. (Pickles for those so inclined.) They caused fits of laughter by the Empress - so much so she fell down and stopped breathing for a moment. The garage floor was not a place to fall down. It's dirty.

Then there is the yard sale troll. An evil sub-set of the species that for a $2000 retail bedroom set (very nice Bassett furniture - masculine and feminine at the same time with dark wood and some iron work), he offered $275. And everything was a quarter.. didn't matter what the price was. He offered a quarter. I found out later from other people (who's favorite price was $15 for bundles of things that would total $45) that he was in fact a yard sale troll who would insult people with outrageously low asking prices and then take his finds to the flea market and re-sell them for a profit.

He needed more quarter.

At dinner at one of Nashville's hotspots (Germantown Cafe for those so inclined - some of best food in town. Most expensive thing on the dinner menu is $19 - includes a salad. Rack of lamb.. it looked fabulous. I had coconut curry salmon with risotto and wilted spinach. Oh... my.. god... We looked like fools passing around our plates so we could try everything but who cares.)

So at dinner, Duke Diva was enjoying the little rolls that came with the meal. She said "In the South, we like all things fried. And if it's made with dough, we like it too. If it's fried dough - we love it." I couldn't agree more.