Sunday, August 29, 2004

Operation Liberty Rising - Mission Brief

Or not-so-brief

“Why do you hate? We are here to spread peace and love.”
“I love you.”

- The last to were whispered in my ear by a guy who
1) smelled of patchouli.
2) Was NOT cute.
4) has no concept of reality.
5) Made me which I had my Sig with me.
6) A hippie. And Hippies suck.

“Well, I love you too, dear-heart” as I walked away, protected by one of the much larger men in our group.

Being fearless, I jumped right in the middle of moonbat central and held up my sign. Some got it.

Most didn’t.

Disguising my message in liberal-speak, I gathered support among the moonbats.

Empress Kitty: “I’m here to support women’s rights. The rise in honor killings is very disturbing. How Canada is permitting the use of Sharia law is scary.”
Moonbat: “Oh, yes. I agree.”
EK: “We need to show them that there are benefits to freedom, equality, and a Constitutional rule of law.”
MB: “Yes. Mm-hmm.”
EK: “And sometimes to do that, we have to use force. Particularly after we’ve been attacked.”
MB: Yea.. what?”
EK: “Because that’s all they understand. They don’t understand love, hugs, and little flowers. But, drop a daisy cutter and they will get it quick enough.”
MB: “Well, it was nice talking with you. Take one of our flyers.”
EK: “Great, thanks. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

I’ve been invited to participate in a round-table by the local left-wing group so that we can all love and hug each other… and come to an understanding that we have a “common enemy.”

Their enemy is George W. Bush.
My enemy is the terrorist out to destroy my way of life, keep me at home, or just plain kill me.

Other things overheard by moonbats:

MB1: "Their signs say "Say no to war."
MB2: "They are from"
MB1: "So?"
MB2: "They are totally behind Bush/Cheney."
MB1: "But their signs are calling for the end to the war."
MB2: "No. Trust me. They are not with us."
Protest Warrior: "You got that right."

Overall, both sides were very respectful to each other. A good time exercising what’s left of our First Amendment right was had by all. We talked about the weather (how we all hoped the rain would hold off).. and explaining the subtleties of our signs.

“Say no to war… unless a democrat is President.”
MB: “I don’t get it.”
EK: “Were you out here protesting the Clinton backed/EU ineptitude of troop placement in Kosovo?”
* crickets *
EK: “I thought so.”

Next time, I’m going as a Communist for Kerry and hand out little band-aids as a part of our national healthcare plan. That will be SO much fun!!!