Monday, August 23, 2004

I was for it before I was against it

I am doing a flip flop on something. John Kerry watch out!

Wait - I just realized how effeminate John Kerry is. He changes his mind more than most women I know and instablity in regards to decision making has always been regarded as a feminine characteristic. It was used to keep women away from the ballot box, property ownership, elected office and certain academic professions. Let's bring it back and use it as a criterion to keep John Kerry out!

I for one am glad to be able to own property because if I couldn't, the estates would be really screwed up right now because my brother isn't here and my uncle isn't involved in my life at all. Someone has to do it.

Back to the subject at hand.. this free clinic in Maine has decided to make brand new Muslim-friendly hospital gowns because a third of the women were missing their appointments. They are just too modest to visit a doctor.

Val MacQueen wacks the hospital into a tizzy by pointing out that
  1. We of the non-Muslim but modest persuasion have been subjected to ill-fitting gowns for years. Why the concern now?
  2. The restrictions have more to do with the Muslim man's inablity to control himself than the virtue of women.

I was for the new gowns because I don't like the little ones they have but I understand why they are like that. As Val points out, they are designed like that so that doctors can effectively examine their patients. Which is alot better than the olden days where a doctor would examine a female patient through a hole in a blanket, feeling his way around or could only look at her up to her knee.

My internal organs happen to a good distance away from my knee, for their information.

But Val right points out that the offended Muslims should just do what good capitalists have done for generations: go out and build your own stupid hospital where they can practice their brand of medicine.

Then again, there aren't exacly that many Muslim capitalists running around, are there? They come here to continue to use benefits of a welfare state they were used to at home (or wished they had at home). My taxes... your taxes. I tell you, I've had it with political correctness. Had it!

So, I will proudly wear the skimpy gown on Friday when I go to the doctor.. but I'm not going to roam the halls in it. I'm not insane.