Monday, August 30, 2004

A spine for a minute

The abduction shook the notion that France's opposition to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq gave some safety to French citizens amid the rash of kidnappings in Iraq. Some Iraqi militants have previously spared French passport holders — even freeing one man in April after he was able to prove his citizenship by showing his knowledge of French geography.

The demand to end the head scarf ban was the first time hostage-takers sought to reverse a nation's domestic law. Insurgents in Iraq have kidnapped dozens of people, but until know their demands have focused on pushing nations' troop or companies out of Iraq.
I pray that the men abducted will be returned safely (even if they are French) but I hope that this is a lesson to the Spains and Phillipeans of the world:

You cannot negotiate with terrorists. You cannot show them mercy. You cannot give an inch or else they will demand a mile. They saw that the aforementioned countries caved with hit with just a little pressure. Now they are trying to change domestic policy, since trying to get troops out of Iraq is not enough.

Even French Muslim leaders who opposed the law on head scarves urged the government Sunday not to capitulate and condemned the kidnapping.

"We must not negotiate. It is blackmail which the Muslims of France reject," said Lhaj Thami Breze, president of the powerful Union of Islamic Organizations of France. France's Muslim community of 5 million is western Europe's biggest.
Yahoo! News - France Will Not Repeal Head Scarf Law