Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dressing up; Dressing down

As a part of my internal changes to clean up my language (to not tear others down; to encourage and lift up) and to conduct myself with modesty and grace in public, some change occurs in what I wear and how I carry myself physically. I wear make up most days to work (foundation, bronzer and lipstick.. takes less than 2 minutes. Entire skin care routine can take less that 5 minutes - so ladies it doesn't take much to get yourself presentable.)

I also wear more nice slacks and skirts/dresses to work. Last week, I wore skirts/dresses 4 our of 5 days. I like dressing up. It focuses me for the day, starting the mental change from sleepy person to young professional.

Also an excuse to go shopping.. though I hardly need an excuse... Heh.

Anyway, Dennis Prager is right on target when he speaks of how you dress affecting the perception of those around you. Going to a non-denominational church, we are very casual. I don't think I've ever seen our Senior Pastor in a tie and he will wear sandals in hot weather (blessedly no shorts, though). Even for Easter.

Some time ago, I made the concisous choice of "I get dressed up for work. I get dressed up to go to dinner with friends. I need to get dressed up to go to church. Isn't God worth at least the same amount of effort to take that few moments in the morning to focus - to pray while getting ready as opposed to reflecting on my to-do list?"

It isn't about a self-centered nature to look good, though it is always nice to hear the compliments. It is about being appropriate to the situation and my clothes reflecting how I feel about myself. As God changes my heart and I see myself how He sees me, my sense of worth and value are more closely tied to Him.

You don't put a nice, sparkly diamond in a cheap fake gold setting. It cheapens the diamond.

WorldNetDaily: One man wore jacket and tie at high-school graduation